Ten passengers were hospitalised after a battery fire caused an emergency landing of a Spirit Airlines flight in Florida. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department reported that the flight, which was heading from Dallas to Orlando, had to divert and land at Jacksonville International Airport on Wednesday afternoon. A guest item’s battery is believed to have caused the fire, which was later extinguished. The cabin crew and passengers quickly responded, and the plane landed safely.

The JFRD Captain Eric Proswimmer confirmed that they took ten passengers, including the cabin crew, to the hospital. They declared the situation an MCI level 1 when more people started feeling unwell. The US Aviation regulatory body is currently investigating the incident to determine its cause.

According to a passenger, a retired fireman jumped up and assisted the flight crew in extinguishing the fire. The process took around 20 minutes, during which another passenger fetched a bucket of water. The crew members used the water to extinguish the material that caused the fire. Despite the incident, emergency services responded promptly, and everyone onboard was safe.