An incident of bizarre air rage involving an unruly passenger occurred on an Aeroflot flight from Stavropol to Moscow. The female passenger, identified as 49-year-old Anzhelika Moskvitina, allegedly stripped bare from the waist up, lit a cigarette, shouted at crew members, and attempted to break into the cockpit.

Witnesses reported that Moskvitina emerged from the lavatory half-naked, shouting that they were all doomed and about to die. The woman, suspected of being intoxicated, also bit a flight attendant who tried to pacify her and get her to cover her chest.

The video footage shows the flight attendant trying to cover her with a shirt while she screamed to be left alone. Business-class passengers and crew members eventually restrained her and put her bra back on. They also used plastic handcuffs to detain her upon landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Aeroflot responded to the incident by demanding new laws that cover air rage incidents and a no-fly list for unruly passengers. The airline stated that Moskvitina was in an inadequate state to fly and grossly violated the rules of conduct on board the aircraft. The bitten flight attendant required medical treatment after landing. Someone filmed and shared the incident on social media, which resulted in widespread condemnation and anger towards Moskvitina. The airline has not yet announced what legal actions they will take against her.

Moskvitina’s behaviour during the flight is not unique to air travel. There have been many incidents of bizarre and outlandish behaviour by unruly passengers in the past.

Such incidents have caused disruption and even danger to other passengers and crew members. The incident highlights the need for increased awareness of the risks and consequences of air rage. It also emphasizes the importance of strict enforcement of behavioral rules on board airplanes.