Exploring the best aviation tv shows

Mile High (2003-2005)

Mile High TV Series

Get ready for a wild ride with “Mile High”, a Hewland International production that combines drama, comedy and sex. The show follows the flight crew of Fresh!, a new budget airline, as they navigate their personal lives and the skies. From in-flight antics to off-duty adventures, the series offers a glimpse into the world of a budget airline and the diverse group of individuals who make it all possible. The series is based around the flight crew of this young airline company, in and out of uniform, in the air and on the ground. Join the crew on their global travels, and see what life is like for them, both on and off the plane, in the London home they share.

Pan Am (2011 – 2012)

Pan Am TV Series

Pan Am, a historical fiction drama from ABC, takes viewers to the early 1960s, at the beginning of the Jet Age. The show centers around the real-life Pan American World Airways, which became a cultural icon despite ceasing operations in 1991. Through the eyes of the airline’s pilots and flight attendants, the series showcases the luxury and prestige of flying with Pan Am during that time. Viewers get a glimpse into what it took to become a crew member and also follow the personal lives and relationships of the characters, including one flight attendant working undercover for the CIA. Although the show gained international popularity, it was unfortunately cancelled after one season. The production team and Amazon could not reach an agreement to continue the series.

LA to Vegas (2018)

LA to Vegas

LA to Vegas is a sitcom that is sure to make you laugh. The show follows the journey of Jackpot Airlines, a small budget airline, as it makes its regular Friday-to-Sunday flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The series introduces the regular crew members, including Captain Dave, a former Air Force pilot; Ronnie, a veteran flight attendant; and Bernard, a flamboyant fellow flight attendant. It also follows the personal adventures of the flight’s regular passengers, including a UCLA professor visiting his son every weekend, a professional stripper traveling for work, and a Russian gambler, bookie, and dentist. This diverse group of characters creates a comedic setting for misadventures both in the air and on the ground. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled by Fox after only one season and fifteen episodes.

View From The Top (2003)

View From The Top

Donna Jensen, a resident of the trailer park in Silver Springs, Nevada, always dreamed of leaving her hometown. After reading about Sally Weston, a famous ex-flight attendant, Donna decides to pursue a career as a flight attendant despite never having been on an airplane. Despite initial struggles, Donna quickly proves to have a natural talent for the job and applies to work for prestigious Royal Airlines, where she is mentored by Sally. Sally sees great potential in Donna, specifically as a first class flight attendant on the New York-Paris route. However, Donna must overcome obstacles, including an angry flight attendant trainer and a friend who also wants to be a flight attendant but lacks Donna’s aptitude. Additionally, Donna must navigate her relationship with Ted Stewart, a law student based in Cleveland.

Trolley Dollies (2002)

Trolley Dollies

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Mile High Club with “Trolley Dollies”, a British TV documentary series that follows the lives of a charter flight crew before, during, and after their flights. The series is filmed on both short and long haul flights, giving viewers a glimpse into the daily routines and unique situations faced by the crew as they jet between popular holiday destinations around the world. The show follows the crew of UK charter airline Excel Airways as they travel to exotic locations such as Tobago, Goa, and Africa, and provides an in-depth look at their lives both in and out of work, on the aircraft and during layovers.

The High Life (1994-1995)

The High Life

The series follows the lives of the cabin crew at Air Scotia, a fictional airline that operates out of Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport. Sebastian, a flamboyant and vindictive steward who loves alcohol and craves attention, Steve, his sex-obsessed colleague, and Shona Spurtle, their uptight and antagonistic chief stewardess make up the crew. Captain Hilary Duff, an eccentric pilot who often forgets important details, is also part of the crew. Sebastian and Steve yearn for promotion to long-haul flights and exotic destinations, but are stuck working short-haul trips with their superior, Shona, whom they mockingly refer to as “Hitler in tights,” “Mussolini in Micromesh,” and “Goebbels in a Gossard.” Captain Duff, meanwhile, is often disoriented and needs reminding of his role and the flight’s destination.

The Flight Attendant School (2006)

The Flight Attendant School

Flight Attendant School was a 2006 reality TV series on the Travel Channel that followed the training of future Frontier Airlines flight attendants. The program consisted of 18 half-hour episodes, airing two per week. The show depicted a group of trainees from their orientation day to graduation, led by Pam Gardner, Frontier’s Vice President of Inflight Services. The program’s selection process was highly competitive, accepting only a small percentage of applicants. Furthermore, a significant portion of the accepted individuals did not graduate.

The series highlighted the rigors of the training program, including strict rules and consequences for lateness or failing tests, as well as the changes in emergency procedures for flight attendants since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Flight Attendant (2020)

The Flight Attendant

“The Flight Attendant” is a refreshing and fun show to binge that combines elements of murder mystery and humour. It follows the life of Cassie, a reckless and alcoholic flight attendant, who wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man – and no idea what happened. After hooking up with a handsome passenger, Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), while en route to Bangkok, Cassie is horrified to find him dead and covered in blood, unable to recall the events that led up to his apparent murder. As she struggles to piece the night together, she begins to wonder if she could be the killer.

LAX (2004 – 2005)

LAX Tv Series

LAX is a thrilling aviation series that provides an inside look into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is one of the busiest airports globally. Instead of focusing on the airplanes themselves, the show highlights the individuals who work on the ground to control air traffic, ensure safety, and schedule flights. The series follows the fictionalised lives of runway chief Harley Random and terminal manager Roger de Souza, as they navigate the chaos of LAX and navigate their tumultuous personal relationship. Although the show ran for only one season and had a total of thirteen episodes, it presents an exceptional viewpoint on the aviation industry that people often overlook.

Come Fly With Me (2010-2011)

Come Fly With Me

Little Britain co-stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas turn their comic sensibilities to the world of air travel in this mockumentary series that pokes fun at flying the friendly skies. Walliams and Lucas put the show’s makeup artists and costume designers through the wringer as they portray nearly 50 different characters who work at or pass through the fictional airport’s imaginary terminal, from pilots, stewardesses and baggage handlers to coffee-kiosk workers and assorted traveling couples.