A drunk Ryanair passenger brought a cabin crew member to tears when he repeatedly called her a “fat white b****”.

Mohammed Shiraz Riaz, 40, became violent on a Ryanair flight from Marrakech to Liverpool in July 2019 and began abusing cabin crew supervisor Jelena Zhuravska. He was due to stand trial on May 7, but he failed to turn up.

Zuravska said Riaz initially seemed friendly when he boarded the aircraft but his behaviour soon changed after he drank four Jack Daniels and Coke. When he asked for another drink she told him she was busy serving other passengers. Riaz was then heard mumbling to himself: “f***ing fat b**** stewardess”.

“At this point I made the decision not to serve him any more alcohol, I didn’t want to make the situation any worse,” Zuravska told the court.

“I tried to remain as calm as I could and be professional for the safety of the other passengers. I just felt he was trying to provoke me. He seemed to have a real hatred towards women,” she told the court.

“As he became more aggressive towards me and more vocal, other passengers stepped in to try and calm the situation.”

When Riaz was told the police had been called, he shouted: “f*** the police I will pay them £200 and they will let me off with it.'”

After landing Riaz bit one of the police officers on the arm as he was being transported to the police station. During police questioning the following morning, Riaz admitted that he was drunk and said he had taken two Tramadol tablets before boarding the aircraft.