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      Hey everyone! I’m Leo. Currently looking for cabin crew job. Not the best time tho (corona), but I hope to find it soon 🙂 Has anyone tried paid cabin crew training ? Any recommendation?
      Thanks a lot!


        No one cares if you had training before. They will train you their way.

        Agata Adrianna

          I have to agree with Tracey.
          Most of airlines prefer to hire someone without any training etc.
          Corona time is hard, mine cabin crew training was cancelled because of that and now looking for new job as well 🙂


            @agatax what training? Airline or private training?

            Well, I guess now it’s not the best time to look for a job. A lot of crew will unfortunately lose their jobs 🙁

            Agata Adrianna

              It was an Airline


                any luck, @agatax?

                Agata Adrianna

                  Unfortunately no, I still searching for a cc job in Poland. I had a try in Ryanair Buzz but they told me they looking for only a summer season and then you have to leave. I was not interested, decided to do my master degree in corona time 🙂 What about you?


                    Don’t you want to try in a different country? There are few new airlines being launched.

                    Would you have to pay for your training with Ryanair if it’s only for one season? Ryanair is okay to start with but not for long. It’s just to get some experience.

                    I think I’m gonna start applying everywhere 😀

                    Agata Adrianna

                      Yes I would like to but after get my master diploma at Uni.
                      I would have to pay for this training unfortunately, so tough situations searching for job and have to pay to get this job haha

                      Fingers crossed for you Tracey! from which country are you from?


                        Can I ask you how much is the training and how do you pay for it? I mean, do they deduct it from your salary and how much? Do you also have to pay for the uniform?

                        Agata Adrianna

                          For the uniform I don’t think so, also Im not sure about the whole price of training. All I know is every participant have to pay for the accommodation during the training (which is 6 weeks If I remember correctly) and your own food I suppose. I can ask my friend who decided to take part in. Let me know 🙂


                            As I remember, you always had to pay for the uniform.. Paying for the accommodation is okay but I don’t think it’s okay to pay for the training if you are hired for 1 season. Can you ask your friend, please? And ask if she/he is happy there 🙂


                              Hi @agatax, did you ask your friend?

                            Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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