Qantas is looking to rehire cabin crew members who took voluntary redundancies or resigned during the pandemic. The airline has seen a resurgence in travel, with domestic flight volume now close to 100 per cent of pre-Covid levels. Qantas’ international operations are expected to be 80 per cent of pre-pandemic levels by the middle of 2023. As part of a recruitment drive to bolster staff numbers to respond to the increased demand, the company has sent an email to 1,500 former cabin crew who lost their jobs when borders were shut. However, many of them will have to rejoin the airline on less pay.

Qantas Reaches Out to Former Cabin Crew

Qantas has made a call for former employees to apply for new jobs, which was posted on the Flight Attendants‘ Association of Australia private Facebook group and shared with 2GB radio host Ben Fordham. The company confirmed that the recruitment efforts are ongoing, and that they are also recruiting externally in line with demand for a wide range of roles.

Challenges for Qantas and the Aviation Industry

The pandemic was an extremely challenging time for Qantas and the broader aviation industry. With the changes made across the airline and the incredible rebound in travel over the last 12 months, Qantas is now back in profit and growing again. The business is now reaching out to some of these former employees to see if they’re interested in coming back to the Qantas family.

Conditions for Former Cabin Crew

Former cabin crew who want to rejoin Qantas will be able to return for a fixed 12-month period or permanently if they prefer. However, the offer comes with the condition that some former staff members who signed “legacy” agreements will need to accept lower wages and conditions. The recruitment process involves submitting an application, an interview, reference check, medical and aviation background checks, and then a training program if offered a job.

Training and Requirements for Former Staff

Training for successful candidates will vary and depend on when they last worked for Qantas. The training program varies in length. It depends on how long it has been since the former employee last operated emergency procedures. Former staff will still have to complete a pre-screening questionnaire and undergo an interview process that includes extensive reference, medical, and aviation security background checks. The company has stated that expressions of interest close on February 26.