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It’s easy – the more job ads you need, the more options you book. Then we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. 

Each of our plans is to help you find the perfect candidate. We know what’s important for airlines and how people search for jobs online. We share this experience to implement the CabinCrew24 mission in the very best way – to make great employers and great employees find each other easier and faster.

Why us?

It’s even easier – because we are a unique combination of a friendly community, a job board and professional aviation forum.

You’ll find everything you are looking for within a few clicks!

2. Post a Job

Posting a job takes just a moment. Everything works smoothly and transparently like at a well – organised airport.

If you have already chosen a plan, all you need to do is log in or create an account to place an ad.

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Few clicks and everything will be ready.
Recruiters’ account is always free, you only pay for posting a job. You can delete your data whenever you want.

3. Find an Employee

From the moment your job gets live on CabinCrew24, the process of completing your crew begins. You can count on all our experience, strategic website positioning and professional industry networking.

We want to be a partner for years to come; to grow together with our customers and through their satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our goal in everything we do.

See you on board!
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