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Our goal is to build an aviation workforce fit for the future – by offering sustainable, open and inclusive opportunities for anybody looking for a career in the industry

At Akasa Air, we are grounded in a set of values and rooted in a culture of safety and trust. We are employee centric, cost conscious and service oriented. We believe in creating a healthier work culture with mutual respect.

We have stayed true to our calling of being India’s most dependable and affordable airline, with the youngest and greenest fleet.

We have designed a gender-neutral uniform in which our teams feel both proud and comfortable as they direct their energy to ensure a warm, friendly, and efficient flying experience for all our passengers.Employee centricity and sustainability are at the core of everything that we do at Akasa Air. We are India’s first airline to have introduced custom trousers, jackets, and sneakers for our inflight crew.

Our objective is to create a safe, happy and empowered workforce. Our crew schedules go beyond regulatory requirements offering choices of work patterns that are rooted in the principles of adequate down time to meet their family commitments and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

Our growth rate enables us to offer rapid career opportunities and we lay great emphasis on recognising talent from within our organisation through a robust Internal Job Posting (IJP).

Ahead of our operations, we invested in the Akasa Air Learning Academy at Gurgaon and have continued to enhance our world class training opportunities for our fast-growing employee base.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce in every area of our business remains a core priority for us.  Our inflight services community is made up of diverse backgrounds, and we welcome anyone with a genuine passion and requisite qualifications, to apply for these positions that are poised towards an accelerated growth trajectory.

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