Are you excited about a job that lets you travel around the world? Do you imagine yourself flying up in the sky, meeting new people, and having exciting adventures every day?

If you do, becoming a cabin crew member could be a fantastic career choice for you. But before you can start, there’s an important thing you need to do: pass the cabin crew interview.

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Here is the list of the 32 most frequently asked questions during a cabin crew job interview. Read them carefully, and you’ll surely do great in your interview!

1. Tell me about yourself

Sample answer: “I’m a motivated person who loves helping others. My work in hospitality has taught me how important good service is. I’m always ready to learn and improve.”

2. Why do you aspire to be a flight attendant?

Sample answer: “Interacting with diverse people and ensuring their comfort during flights is what draws me to this role. The opportunity to travel and immerse myself in various cultures is an added bonus.”

3. What do you believe are the primary responsibilities of a flight attendant?

Sample answer: “A flight attendant is a key person on every flight. They make sure passengers are safe, solve problems that come up, and help everyone have a good trip. They do more than just serve food and drinks. They’re there for emergencies, they help passengers feel comfortable, and they represent the airline’s values.”

4. Why would you be a good fit for our airline?

Sample answer: “I think I’d be great for your airline because I’m really good at helping customers, which is what your company values. I can also handle change and work well in busy situations.”

5. What can you bring to the role?

Sample answer: “I bring strong customer service skills, the ability to perform well under pressure, and a positive attitude. I’m also a team player, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable flight for passengers.”

6. Why do you want to join our company?

Sample answer: “I want to work for your airline because I admire your commitment to customer service and safety. I also appreciate your company’s values and believe that I can contribute to your mission.”

7. What do you know about our airline?

Sample answer: “I know that your airline is known for its excellent customer service and commitment to safety. You have a strong reputation in the industry and have won numerous awards for your service.”

8. What experience do you have in customer service or hospitality?

Sample answer: “I have years of experience in the hospitality industry, interacting with customers. I’ve learned to handle complaints effectively and deliver excellent service.”

9. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good cabin crew member?

Sample answer: “I have good communication skills, I can stay calm in tough situations, and I really care about helping customers. These things make me a good fit for a cabin crew role. I am also adaptable and can handle the unpredictable nature of the job.”

10. How do you manage long periods away from home?

Sample answer: “I am comfortable with being away from home for extended periods. I understand that it is part of the job and I am prepared for it. I enjoy the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures.”

11. Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team?

Sample answer: “I am comfortable working in both situations, but I believe that teamwork is crucial in a cabin crew role. Working as a team allows us to provide the best service to passengers and ensures a smooth and safe flight.”

12. How do you handle stress?

Sample answer: “I manage stress by staying organised and maintaining a positive mindset. I also prioritise my physical health, exercising regularly and eating healthily.”

13. What is your greatest weakness?

Sample answer: “I have a tendency to be a perfectionist, constantly aiming for excellence. At times, this leads to self-criticism. However, I’m gradually understanding that errors are integral to personal development.”

14. What are your greatest strengths?

Sample answer: “My communication skills and ability to stay calm under pressure are my greatest strengths. These skills enable me to deliver excellent customer service and manage any in-flight situation.”

15. Can you share an instance where you had a disagreement with a co-worker? How did you resolve it?

Sample answer: “In a previous job, a co-worker and I disagreed about a project. We resolved it by discussing our perspectives, reaching a compromise, and successfully completing the project.”

16. Could you describe a situation in which you had to deal with a difficult passenger as a Cabin Crew member?

Sample answer: “In my previous role as a customer service representative, I had to deal with a customer who was upset about a delay. I listened to their concerns, empathised with their situation, and provided them with information about the delay. I also offered them a voucher for a future flight as a gesture of goodwill.”

17. What do you do if your cabin manager gives you an order that’s contrary to airline protocols?

Sample answer: “If my cabin manager asked me to do something that goes against the airline’s rules, I would politely share my worries and talk about it with them. Keeping everyone safe is our main goal, so we always need to stick to the rules.”

18. How would you deal with a medical emergency on board?

Sample answer: “In the event of a medical emergency, I would follow the airline’s protocols. This would include assessing the situation, providing first aid if necessary, and contacting the flight deck to inform them of the situation. If necessary, I would also assist in arranging for medical assistance upon landing.”

19. Can you share a time when you failed and what you learnt from it?

Sample answer: “In a previous job, I missed a deadline due to poor time management. I learned the importance of planning and prioritising tasks. Since then, I’ve improved my time management skills and haven’t missed a deadline.”

20. Tell me about a situation when you have provided an excellent customer service?

Sample answer: “In my previous role in the hospitality industry, I once had a customer who was unhappy with their meal. I listened to their concerns, apologised for their experience, and offered them a complimentary meal. The customer appreciated the gesture and left the restaurant happy.”

21. How would you handle a passenger who is afraid of flying?

Sample answer: “I would reassure the passenger and let them know that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. I would also explain the safety procedures and let them know that the cabin crew is there to ensure their comfort and safety.”

22. How would you deal with a disruptive passenger?

Sample answer: “I would approach the passenger calmly and politely ask them to stop their disruptive behaviour. If the behaviour continues, I would follow the airline’s protocols for dealing with disruptive passengers.”

23. How would you handle a language barrier with a passenger?

Sample answer: “I would use simple and clear language to communicate with the passenger. If necessary, I would use visual aids or gestures to help convey my message. If the passenger speaks a language that another member of the cabin crew is fluent in, I would ask for their assistance.”

24. How would you deal with a passenger who is upset about a delay or cancellation?

Sample answer: “I would empathise with the passenger and explain the reason for the delay or cancellation. I would also inform them about any compensation or alternative arrangements that the airline is offering.”

Video: Dealing with customer complaints [Role playing of Flight Attendants & Passengers]

25. How would you handle a passenger who is not satisfied with their seat assignment?

Sample answer: “I would listen to the passenger’s concerns and try to reassign them to a different seat if possible. If not, I would explain the situation and make them as comfortable as possible in their assigned seat.”

26. How would you manage a passenger who has a complaint about the food or beverage service?

Sample answer: “I would listen to the passenger’s complaint and apologise for any dissatisfaction. I would then offer them an alternative meal or beverage if available.”

27. How would you handle a passenger who is feeling unwell during the flight?

Sample answer: “I would first assess the passenger’s condition and provide any necessary first aid. I would also inform the flight deck and, if necessary, arrange for medical assistance upon landing.”

28. How would you handle a passenger who is traveling with young children and is struggling to keep them calm and entertained?

Sample answer: “I would offer assistance by providing colouring books or toys, if available. I would also engage with the children and try to distract them with conversation or games.”

29. How would you handle a passenger who is traveling with a pet and the pet becomes distressed during the flight?

Sample answer: “I would advise the passenger on how to calm their pet and offer any assistance I can. If the pet continues to be distressed, I would follow the airline’s protocols for such situations.”

30. How would you assist a passenger traveling with a disability who needs help during the flight?

Sample answer: “I would offer assistance as needed, whether it’s helping them move around the cabin, assisting with meals, or any other help they may need. I would ensure their needs are met throughout the flight.”

31. How would you help a passenger traveling alone for the first time who is nervous or unsure about the process?

Sample answer: “I would reassure the passenger and guide them through the process. I would also check on them throughout the flight to ensure they are comfortable and have everything they need.”

32. How would you manage a passenger who has had too much to drink?

Sample answer: “I would stop serving alcohol to the passenger and offer them water or non-alcoholic beverages instead. If the passenger becomes disruptive, I would follow the airline’s protocols for dealing with such situations.”


In the aviation industry, many aspire to become a cabin crew member. This role offers the thrill of adventure, the joy of new experiences, and the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals. But before you can secure your place in the cabin, you must first navigate the cabin crew interview. With the cabin crew interview questions and answers we’ve explored in this article, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to approach your interview with confidence.

Don’t forget, each question is a chance to highlight your abilities, your enthusiasm, and your preparedness to take on the thrilling tasks of a cabin crew member. So, prepare thoroughly, stay positive, and get ready to take your career to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cabin Crew Interview Questions

1. How can I prepare for a cabin crew interview?

To prepare for a cabin crew interview, understand the role and responsibilities of a cabin crew member, research the airline company, and practice common interview questions. Showcase your customer service skills, ability to handle stressful situations, and willingness to work irregular hours. Dress professionally for the interview and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

2. What should I wear to a cabin crew interview?

Dressing professionally is crucial for a cabin crew interview. Opt for business attire, such as a suit for men or a skirt suit or dress for women. Ensure your clothes are neat and clean, and avoid flashy jewellery or excessive makeup. Remember, first impressions count!

3. How should I handle technical questions in a cabin crew interview?

When faced with technical questions, it’s crucial to demonstrate your understanding of the basic duties and safety protocols of a cabin crew member.If you come across a question that leaves you unsure, it’s completely fine to admit that you don’t have the immediate answer. However, emphasise your eagerness to learn and your commitment to gaining the necessary knowledge to excel in your role.

4. What’s the best answer to ‘Why do you want to be a cabin crew’?

A compelling answer could be: ‘I want to be a cabin crew member because I enjoy enhancing people’s journeys. Every flight is an opportunity to assist passengers, whether they’re on vacation, business, or visiting family. I love the job’s variety, working with different people, and getting to travel.’

5. What should I avoid saying in a cabin crew interview?

Avoid negative comments about previous employers or colleagues, expressing a dislike for customer service or working irregular hours. Also, showing a lack of knowledge about the airline or the role of a cabin crew member is a no-no.

6. Is a cabin crew interview difficult?

The difficulty of a cabin crew interview can vary depending on the airline and the specific role. However, like any job interview, it can be challenging. Prepare thoroughly, practice common interview questions, and demonstrate your customer service skills and ability to handle stressful situations.