When applying for a Cabin Crew position, you must include two types of digital photographs of yourself:

  • passport-type photograph
  • full-length photograph


These photographs should also be printed and attached to your resume for the job interview. The required size of the photographs can vary depending on the company, but typically a passport-type photograph should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm and a full-length photograph should be 13 x 18 cm.

Make sure that you do not exceed the 500 kB limit and format the photographs as “.jpeg”.

What should a Cabin Crew interview photo look like?

When taking the photographs, it is important to smile authentically, with your face and eyes oriented towards the camera. Do not wear glasses or coloured contact lenses and make sure your hands and legs are visible in the photograph. The background should be one solid colour, typically white, and the picture should be well-lit and clear. Both photographs should be taken at the same time to ensure consistency.

For the full-length photograph, make sure to show your full body, including your shoes. Dress code for the photographs should match what you will be wearing to the interview.

Emirates Cabin Crew interview dress code
Photo Credit: Emirates

Women should wear a black, blue, grey or brown suit with a knee-length skirt, leg-coloured stockings, and dark coloured high heels. Hair should be neatly tied back.

Men should wear a blue, black, or dark grey suit with a classic, collared shirt and a simple tie in a matching colour. Style your hair neatly and refrain from accessorising, except for a wedding or engagement ring and a watch.

Bear in mind that the HR department will review the photographs, which will be a significant component of the hiring process, after the assessment day. Make sure they accurately represent you and showcase your suitability for the role.