Aegean Airlines Unveils Stunning New Uniforms for Cabin Crew

Aegean Airlines, a relatively small European carrier with a fleet of around 61 single-aisle aircraft, recently unveiled its striking new employee uniforms, and they have certainly turned heads. Designed in collaboration with Greek brand Zeus+Δione, these uniforms are more than just clothing; they are costumes designed for a unique stage—the airplane aisle or airport concourse.

Drawing Inspiration from Greece’s Natural Beauty

Aegean’s new uniforms take inspiration from the stunning colour palette of the Greek skies and seas, embracing vibrant blues. These designs are not just clothing but a statement, merging the airline’s Greek heritage with a neo-era philosophy.

Video: Aegean’s New Uniforms in Action

In this video from Aegean Airlines’ official YouTube channel, you can see the new cabin crew uniforms in action. The video showcases the stylish and innovative designs that have been introduced for the cabin crew and other employees.

Bold and Futuristic Aesthetics

Designer Marios Schwab, known for incorporating the colors of Greece’s natural beauty, also introduced bold geometric asymmetric cuts and contrasting linear accents to the uniforms. Some people have even compared these uniforms to outfits you’d see in Star Trek, which really makes them noticeable and different.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Aegean Airlines made it a priority to promote diversity and inclusion with its new uniforms. The uniform collection provides cabin crew, pilots, and ground staff with a diverse array of mix-and-match choices, enabling them to select attire that reflects their individual identities and preferences.

A Range of Options for Female Crew Members

With this uniform refresh, female cabin crew enjoy a diverse range of choices, including trousers, dresses, and skirts. The classic tailored silhouettes are thoughtfully accented with attached neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents, adding a touch of uniqueness to each outfit.

Aegean Female Flight Attendant New Uniform

Innovative Design for Male Crew Members

Male cabin crew members also receive a fashion upgrade with the introduction of band collars that replace traditional lapels, creating a sleek and modern look that aligns with Aegean’s innovative philosophy.

Aegean Male Cabin Crew New Uniform

Challenging the Trend of Dull Uniforms

In recent years, many airlines have opted for subdued navy blue, black, or grey uniforms. While comfort and durability are essential, the role of airline uniforms is to be more than office attire. They should be exciting and fun, not merely functional. Aegean Airlines has embraced this philosophy with its new bold and futuristic uniforms.

Picture Gallery: Aegean Airlines Unveils Stunning New Uniforms

Experience the stylish transformation of Aegean Airlines’ cabin crew as they embrace their bold and innovative new uniforms.