Jetstar has waved goodbye to its old uniforms after 20 years and introduced fresh designs that took a whole year to create. Now, when you hop on a Jetstar flight, you won’t just see the familiar orange and black outfits. Instead, the cabin crew will showcase three new designs with softer shades of orange and blue.

Jetstar Crew Members presenting new uniforms.
Image: Jetstar

Even the pilots are getting a makeover, swapping their black uniforms for a stylish deep blue look. The pilot uniform will have a more modern cut, new epaulets, and pilots can choose between a neck scarf or a traditional tie.

Rosina Helbig, a Jetstar pilot, is excited about the change and mentioned, “I work alongside some amazing female pilots, and we will now have more choice of what to wear with the option of a tie scarf or a traditional tie. I also really like the change from the traditional black to a deep blue pilots’ uniform. I hope our customers love the new look as much as we do.”

Stephanie Tully, the CEO of Jetstar Group, shared that the new look is a result of feedback from the staff who wanted a change. She said, “We’ve listened to our people and together wanted to create a uniform that reflects how far we have come as we move into our third decade of operation.”

The new uniform collection was crafted by Aussie fashion designer Genevieve Smart, who collaborated with 40 Jetstar pilots, cabin crew, and airport team members over the past year. The inspiration behind the design came from the colors of a sunset as seen from an aircraft window, reflecting the airline’s 20-year history.

The collection is divided into three options:

  1. Stellar collection: A blue shirt dress with an orange Jetstar star print, accompanied by a smart-casual orange blazer.
  2. Horizon: Features a linen-look blazer, classic tailored shirt, and both classic and tapered fit pants.
  3. Pilot collection: A sleek, modern navy suit with a slimline tie, redesigned epaulets, braids, and wings badges for a consistently professional look.

Jetstar Cabin crew manager, Kat Vass, is thrilled about the new uniforms, stating, “The new uniforms are professional, comfortable, and designed with so much care and thought.”

As Jetstar celebrates its 20th birthday in May, these fresh uniforms join the airline’s investments in new aircraft, routes, and cabins for its international widebody fleet.

Jetstar Boeing 787 new livery.
Image: Jetstar

And don’t worry about the old uniforms; they’ll be disposed of sustainably through recycling technology to create new products. So, get ready to see Jetstar’s crew rocking their stylish and comfortable new looks on your next flight!