In aviation, an airline’s uniform is more than just clothing. It represents the airline’s identity, showcases its cultural values, and symbolises its unwavering dedication to service.

Over time, these uniforms have evolved, reflecting changes in fashion, societal expectations, and the aviation industry as a whole. Today, they seamlessly blend fashion, practicality, and cultural expression.

As we step into 2024, one question arises – “Which cabin crew uniform is the best?” Whether it’s Alaska Airlines’ eco-conscious elegance or the timeless charm of Malaysia Airlines, each airline tells a unique story through its uniform.

This article explores the top 10 cabin crew uniforms of 2024, examining their design features, cultural influences, and fashion statements. We also peek into the future of flight attendant uniforms, exploring the trends set to shape their evolution in the coming years.

10. Alaska Airlines – Eco-friendly Elegance

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant uniform.
Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has revamped its logo and planes. Now, they’re switching up their uniforms. Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang took on the task. The result? Uniforms that are unique, modern, and colourful. They’re bold, yet tasteful. Practicality wasn’t forgotten – the uniforms have plenty of pockets. Alaska Airlines’ staff are fans of the new look. They’re excited about the changes and feel confident in their new attire. This new look shows Alaska Airlines isn’t afraid to stand out.

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9. Hawaiian Airlines – Island Vibes

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform.
Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines made a bold fashion statement in 2016 with their lehua blossom print uniforms. But the choice to add a purple and blue cape to the outfit was quite unexpected. The cape was designed by Sig Zane of Hilo, but it may have been a step too far in flight attendant fashion. As the iconic Edna Mode from The Incredibles would say, “NO CAPES.”

8. Malaysia Airlines – Traditional Charm

Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform.
Malaysia Airlines

The women’s kebaya uniform of Malaysia Airlines has been a recognisable symbol of the airline for many years. In 2016, the airline announced that the iconic uniform was set for a redesign by the fashion brand Farah Khan.

7. Virgin Atlantic – Bold and Vibrant

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew Uniforms.
PA/Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic made a cool move in 2014. They started using uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. Vivienne Westwood, the famous designer came up with the design. She took ideas from French fashion in the 1940s and London’s Savile Row tailoring. The crew really loved these stylish uniforms. When it comes to uniforms, Virgin Atlantic has always been one to set the trends. They’ve made some cool changes like being more flexible about make-up, tattoos, and even letting women wear trousers.

6. Turkish Airlines – Inspired by Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Cabin Crew Uniforms.
Turkish Airlines

Ettore Bilotta, the designer behind the uniforms of Etihad Airways and Alitalia, also created Turkish Airlines’ uniform. He unveiled his design in late 2018, drawing inspiration from the beauty of Istanbul. Bilotta wanted to mix traditional elements like calligraphy and mosaics with modern Turkish motifs. He achieved this in the foulards and ties, creating a unique blend of old and new. Back in 2013, Turkish Airlines had plans for a new uniform, but the design stirred up controversy. So, they decided to wait until Bilotta could bring his vision to life.

5. Delta Air Lines – Sophisticated and Functional

Delta Air Lines Cabin Crew Uniforms.
Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines’ uniforms, designed by Zac Posen, are a blend of sophistication and functionality. The plum-coloured outfits are made with stretchable, wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring the crew looks polished throughout their shift. The uniform has a smart, single-breasted jacket, a skirt or trousers that match and have a neat, straight cut, and a purple scarf. The scarf’s subtle pattern adds a bit of sophistication to the outfit.

4. Emirates – Timeless Sophistication

Emirates Cabin Crew

The Emirates uniform is a real classic. It’s famous for its beige and pinstripe fabric with a pop of red, and of course, that iconic red hat and white veil! It was introduced back in 2009, and interestingly, it was an English uniform company that designed it, not a fashion designer like most airlines use.

Emirates had a big job on their hands – they had to dress 23,000 cabin crew! They wanted a uniform that was smart, sophisticated, and would really catch your eye at the airport. To make sure they got it right, the design team even watched cabin crew on a flight to New Zealand. They wanted to see how the fabric needed to move and hold up during a flight.

Emirates also knew the uniform had to make a good impression on the public. When they launched it, it was alongside their new Airbus A380 fleet. And you know what? It’s now one of the most recognisable cabin crew uniforms worldwide!

3. Vietnam Airlines – Cultural Pride

Vietnam Airlines Cabin Crew Uniforms.
Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines’ uniform incorporates elements of the country’s traditional dress, the Ao Dai. The uniform, in the airline’s signature blue and gold colours, is a proud representation of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. It includes a white blouse featuring a neat mandarin collar, and it’s finished off with a pair of no-fuss slippers.

2. Etihad Airways – Fusion of Cultures

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Uniforms.
Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways’ uniform is a fusion of cultures, reflecting the airline’s global reach. The uniform, designed by Ettore Bilotta, combines elements of traditional Emirati dress with modern Western styles. The uniform comprises a tailored jacket with a double-breasted style, a matching skirt or trousers cut in a straight line, and a headscarf showcasing a geometric pattern..

1. Hainan Airlines – Oriental Aesthetics

Hainan Airlines Cabin Crew Uniforms.
Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines might be part of a group that’s facing some financial challenges, but that hasn’t stopped them from dressing their cabin crew members in some seriously stylish uniforms. These uniforms, which were introduced in 2017, are the work of high-fashion designer Laurence Xu. He cleverly mixed classic Oriental aesthetics with the shape of a modern Western suit. The uniform for women takes inspiration from the Cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress typically worn for formal events. The sleeves are cut to three-quarter length, a design choice that speaks to simplicity, modesty, and the crew’s top-notch skills. Laurence Xu and his team went through over a thousand designs and made 100 sample outfits before they were happy with the final look.

The Future of Flight Attendant Uniforms

The future of flight attendant uniforms is likely to see a continued blend of fashion and function. As society changes, uniforms will also adapt, focusing more on comfort, usefulness, and being suitable for all genders. The trend towards incorporating elements of national culture and tradition is also likely to continue, adding a unique touch to the flying experience.


So, you’re curious about “which cabin crew uniform is the best?” It’s not an easy pick. We need to ponder over its appearance, its comfort, its usefulness, and how well it mirrors the airline’s culture. But, after going through the top 10 uniforms of 2024, one stands out.

Hainan Airlines, you’ve won our hearts! Their uniform is a beautiful blend of East meets West. It represents the airline’s values and shows their care for their crew and passengers. It’s a perfect mix of honouring tradition while keeping up with modern style.

Looking forward, we believe more airlines will start to express their unique identity and culture through their uniforms. But for now, if you’re asking “which cabin crew uniform is the best,” we’re rooting for Hainan Airlines.