Provide safety, comfort and in-flight service to passengers and crew on board a variety of specialised aircraft, as well as managing the cabin and general administration.

About the Job

In this exciting role you’ll look after the safety of the crew and passengers on board specialised transport aircraft, while ensuring their in-flight comfort.

As a Cabin Crew member (Crew Attendant), you will combine customer service skills with resourcefulness, initiative and have a high level of responsibility.

Along with Australian Defence Force personnel, your passengers will include VIP’s, such as Government ministers, Australian and foreign heads of state, Royalty and guests of the Australian Government; so exemplary standards of grooming and demeanour are mandatory, as is discretion.

Cabin Crew members are often required to work unusual hours, but you will find every experience highly rewarding, as you’ll travel to a variety of international and Domestic destinations. Effects of time zone, temperature and environmental changes are similar to those of your civilian counterparts, though your working environment is likely to be far more interesting, varied and challenging.

In addition to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew in emergency situations, your duties will include:

  • Assisting passengers as they embark and disembark the aircraft
  • Calculating aircraft weight and managing distribution
  • Liaising with the aircraft Captain
  • Managing the cabin
  • Providing in-flight food and beverage service
  • Compiling documentation
  • Performing general administration and housekeeping duties
  • Ordering of food and stock for each flight
  • Liaising with Customs and Quarantine authorities

Everything you do must comply with Workplace Health and Safety legislation, in which you will be fully trained. You will need to be flexible and resourceful with a strong command of the English language and have the ability and attitude to work both independently and as part of a team.

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Royal Australian Air Force

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