Excitement is in the air as Northern Pacific Airways, America’s newest carrier, gears up for its inaugural commercial flight on July 14, 2023. The journey will take passengers from Ontario, Canada, to the bustling city of Las Vegas in the United States. This highly anticipated launch marks the beginning of a new era in air travel. In preparation for this momentous occasion, Northern Pacific Airways has been conducting proving runs and assessments, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for its passengers.

Proving Runs and FAA Evaluations

The team at Northern Pacific Airways has been diligently carrying out multiple proving runs, with representatives from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) on board to evaluate the airline’s operations. Since June 26, 2023, the airline’s Boeing 757-200 has completed several successful flights, operating between Grant County International (MWH), Ontario Airport (ONT), and the carrier’s base at Anchorage Airport (ANC). Captivating footage shared on social media showcases the airline’s new jet gracefully taxiing at ONT, following the completion of a successful proving flight.

Certification Process and Unique Livery

Northern Pacific Airways underwent a crucial evacuation test, marking Phase 4 of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Certification Process for scheduled airlines, known as Part 121 carriers in the US. This rigorous process ensures that the airline is fully prepared to handle emergency situations and prioritise passenger safety. Adding to its appeal, Northern Pacific Airways boasts a distinctive livery designed by Edmond Huot of Forward Studio in New York City, giving the carrier a unique and recognisable visual identity.

FAA Evaluation and Licensing

Following the proving flights, the FAA team members have been diligently reporting their observations using data collection tools such as the Element Performance Assessment (EPA) and Custom Data Collection Tools. The collected data will be analysed by the Certification Project Manager (CPM) to assess the overall performance of Northern Pacific Airways’ air carrier system. Successful completion of the proving tests signifies the end of Phase 4, and the airline moves on to Phase 5, which involves administrative functions. Once the CPM and Certification Project Team (CPT) satisfactorily assess the carrier’s compliance with US regulations, they will grant Northern Pacific Airways its official license.


As Northern Pacific Airways prepares to take to the skies on July 14, 2023, anticipation builds within the aviation industry. With thorough proving runs, FAA assessments, and adherence to the certification process, Northern Pacific Airways aims to deliver a seamless and memorable travel experience for its passengers. The inaugural flight to Las Vegas marks an important milestone for the airline, signalling the beginning of its journey in the dynamic world of air travel.