Private jets have long been associated with the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous. From business tycoons to Hollywood stars, these high-flying individuals opt for private aircraft to enjoy convenience, flexibility, and privacy. Among them is the renowned singer Taylor Swift, who owns a remarkable Dassault Falcon 900, offering a glimpse into the world of her opulent travel experiences. Let’s delve into the luxurious features of Swift’s prized private jet and discover why it has become an essential part of her global journey.

Exploring Taylor Swift’s Dassault Falcon 900

Dassault Falcon 900 (N898TS)
Kris Klop via flickr

A Prized Possession

Taylor Swift acquired her Falcon 900, named “Number 13,” in 2011 for around $40 million. This particular model, the Falcon 900LX, boasts a range of 4,750 nautical miles and is equipped with blended winglets for enhanced efficiency.

Lavish Interior

Inside the jet, up to 12 passengers can enjoy a spacious and luxurious cabin. The amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and even a private bedroom. While specific images of Swift’s interior remain undisclosed, it is expected to reflect a similar aesthetic to the showcased images on Dassault’s website, albeit with her personal touches.

The Frequent Flyer

Contrary to rumours suggesting excessive private jet usage, Swift’s representative clarified that the singer rents out her jet when not in use. While Swift’s other Dassault plane, the Falcon 7X, has faced criticism for its carbon emissions, her Falcon 900LX offers a favourable takeoff and landing weight ratio, enabling multiple-stop journeys without refuelling.

Why Taylor Swift Chooses Falcon Aircraft?

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Speculations suggest that Swift’s preference for Falcon aircraft, with their three engines, stems from added security during transatlantic journeys. Additionally, the Falcon 900LX’s High-Mac blended winglets result in up to 33% fuel burn improvements compared to rival aircraft, making it an efficient choice for long-haul trips.

Private Jets: An Overview

Dassault Falcon 900

Exclusive Air Travel

Private jets, also known as business jets, cater to small groups and are privately owned or leased. Their advantages include flexible scheduling, access to smaller airports, and the convenience of avoiding crowded commercial airports.

Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Specifications

Swift’s Dassault Falcon 900 can accommodate 12 passengers and has an impressive range of approximately 4,750 nautical miles. Its fully-equipped kitchen, bedroom, and shower facilities ensure comfort during long-haul flights. The aircraft’s tail number, N898TS, cleverly incorporates her birth year and initials.

Addressing the Emission Controversy

Flight Emissions and Denials

Reports alleged that Swift’s private jet had the highest usage among celebrities, resulting in substantial flight emissions. However, Swift’s spokesperson denied the claim, stating that her jet is frequently loaned out to other individuals, refuting the assertion that she is solely responsible for the reported trips.


Taylor Swift’s Dassault Falcon 900 provides a captivating glimpse into the world of a global pop star’s private jet travel. With its luxurious features, long-range capabilities, and personalised touches, the Falcon 900LX offers Swift the convenience, flexibility, and privacy she desires during her demanding international schedule. This extraordinary aircraft exemplifies the opulence and exclusivity associated with private jet travel, allowing Swift to soar above the clouds in style.