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Born with a purpose

In 1946, Roy Farrell and Sydney de Kantzow – two ex-Air Force pilots known for flying ‘The Hump’ over the Himalayas – had the idea to fly much-needed goods from Australia into post-war China. From there came Cathay Pacific, an airline fuelled by its founders’ passion for flying and love of the region.

In fact, our very name originates from Roy Farrell’s sense of ambition – that the new airline would one day cross the vast Pacific Ocean from China. This progressive thinking and optimism for the future was proven right less than thirty years later with our first transpacific flight.

Connecting you across the world

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to explore new paths and places, to take you further. With more routes and aircraft in the pipeline, our expansion is set to continue.

New paths and places

Last year alone, we launched ten new non-stop services across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America – including our latest addition, Seattle. With nearly 200 destinations around the globe, this means one thing: more ways to be where you need to be.

Scheduled to suit you

Our schedules include night flights to many of our top destinations and convenient morning arrivals, too. This flexibility allows you to depart after work, rest during your journey, and arrive ready to go.

Staying ahead in a modern world

We are continually modernising our fleet, which is already one of the world’s youngest and most fuel-efficient. In two years alone, we added 30 new A350s, and will soon welcome 40 more aircraft, including the new Boeing 777-9.

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