Most people envision a cabin crew member as a young, energetic individual, always on their feet, ready to assist and guide passengers. However, an unconventional member of easyJet’s cabin crew is challenging this stereotypical image. The seasoned cabin crew member, affectionately known as Nana Pam, is no ordinary flight attendant. At the age of 73, she’s defying odds, still serving passengers mid-air with an unmatched charm and enthusiasm.

Defying Conventional Wisdom

Stepping into an industry predominantly associated with younger folks, Nana Pam has shattered the stereotype with her ongoing service in easyJet, one of the UK’s leading airlines. Unlike most of her colleagues, she commenced her career relatively late in life, and today she’s marking her birthday in a way most 73-year-olds can’t even fathom.

At an age when many consider slowing down or retiring, Nana Pam chose the bustling life of an easyJet cabin crew. Her unwavering commitment to her job is quite extraordinary given the physical demands and high stress often associated with being a flight attendant. This dedication illustrates that age shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to pursue one’s passion. Additionally, her wealth of life experience and maturity arguably make her a more empathetic, understanding, and capable flight attendant than some of her younger colleagues.

Pam, who celebrated her birthday this week, said:

“My advice to anyone over the age of 45 thinking about applying for a role as cabin crew at easyJet would be to go for it. When I applied for the role 20 years ago, I knew that my age and experience meant I had something really valuable to offer. Nowadays, I’m meeting more and more colleagues like me who have made a brave career change later in life. Don’t be afraid! My favorite part of the job has been meeting passengers from all over the world and giving them the most enjoyable travel experience possible. I’m proud to work at a company that puts people first.”

Inspiring Passengers and Crew Alike

Nana Pam’s story is far from ordinary; it serves as a beacon of hope for all those who believe they are ‘too old’ to embark on new ventures or change career paths. Her relentless dedication and positive spirit are an inspiration, proving age is no deterrent to fulfilling our aspirations.

Nana Pam celebrating her 73 birthday.

Passengers and fellow crew members alike appreciate Nana Pam’s lively spirit. Her unique charm and the comforting presence she brings to her job have made her a favourite among many easyJet passengers. Age has only refined her skills and her ability to handle difficult situations with grace, making her an indispensable part of the easyJet crew.

Nana Pam is much more than just a flight attendant. She’s a symbol of persistence, a breaker of stereotypes, and living proof that you’re never too old to follow your dreams and soar high in the sky.