In addition to the 150 new cabin crew roles revealed last month, Virgin Australia is looking to hire an additional 250 staff, including pilots, ground staff and baggage handlers.

The carrier said it plans to launch five new domestic destinations, including Melbourne-Townsville, Sydney-Darwin, Sydney-Townsville, Adelaide-Cairns and Perth-Cairns.

The airline will also add more than 700 extra weekly operations across its domestic network to Whitsunday Coast, Townsville, Hamilton Island, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

“Growing confidence in the community, thanks to the vaccination rollout and domestic borders staying largely open, means the time is right for us to bring back jobs and put more aircraft in the skies,” said Jayne Hrdlicka, Virgin Australia Chief executive.

On April 15, Virgin Australia agreed to hire 150 new cabin crew members, return 220 from its axed long-haul operation and lease 10 new 737s.

“By mid-June, we expect to be operating more than 80 per cent of our pre-COVID domestic capacity,” said Hrdlicka.