Are you dreaming to spread your wings and explore the skies as a Flynas Cabin Crew Member? Well, buckle up because with our comprehensive guide to Flynas Cabin Crew requirements, you are one step closer to making your dreams a reality!

Overview of Flynas Cabin Crew Role

To become a Flynas cabin crew you need to be aged 21-31 with 0-3 years of experience, a high school diploma, and fluency in English and Arabic. Candidates must meet grooming standards, be medically fit, and able to swim. Responsibilities include providing excellent customer service, ensuring cabin safety, and handling passenger complaints. Monthly salaries range from SAR 4,000 to SAR 14,814, with an average of SAR 8,762. Benefits include travel perks, healthcare, life insurance, and 30 days of paid leave per year.

Flynas Cabin Crew Requirements

  • 0-3 years of experience preferred
  • Airline or In-Flight Services experience and relevant certifications are advantageous
  • Minimum educational requirement is a high school degree or equivalent certificate/license
  • Grooming standards are essential
  • Height and weight should be proportionate (minimum 168 cm for males, 160 cm for females)
  • Must be medically fit and able to pass a class three medical test and other relevant assessments
  • Excellent overall presentation is required
  • Ability to swim is essential
  • Females and males aged between 21 and 31 years

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  • Strong overall presentation skills
  • Detail-oriented individual
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Proficient in MIS management
  • Fluent in both English and Arabic
  • Ability to communicate effectively and candidly
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Achieves goals through teamwork
  • Strong planning and organizing abilities
  • Demonstrates concern for order and quality
  • Computer literate
  • Proficient in the English language

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Responsibilities of Flynas Cabin Crew

  • Effectively addresses customer complaints using problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Maintains a high standard of public conduct, especially when recognisable as fFynas crew away from the base.
  • Delivers consistent and excellent customer service to all passengers at all times.
  • Ensures the professional and caring handling of others’ needs, considering special requirements and cultural sensitivity.
  • Stays updated on safety and emergency procedures, First Aid, and in-flight services.
  • Remains familiar with laws, regulations, and procedures relevant to job duties.
  • Conducts pre-flight briefings for Cabin Crew, covering safety, emergency procedures, First Aid, and in-flight service.
  • Completes cabin safety and security checks before passenger boarding.
  • Ensures adequate commissary supplies are on board.
  • Verifies the cleanliness of the cabin and lavatories before departure, withholding approval if not satisfactory.
  • Maintains the validity of legal documentations required to operate as Cabin Crew.
  • Reports any safety concerns, service issues, or passenger complaints to the Lead Cabin Crew.

Flynas Flight Attendant Salary

Flynas Flight Attendants receive a monthly salary ranging from SAR 4,000 to SAR 14,814. On average, employees with 3 to 15 years of experience earn around SAR 8,762 per month.

Flynas female Cabin Crew in the cabin.

Cabin Crew Benefits at Flynas

  • Competitive monthly salary
  • Travel benefits
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Life insurance
  • 30 days paid leave per year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic requirements to become a Cabin Crew member at Flynas?

Flynas seeks candidates with 0-3 years of preferred experience, a high school degree or equivalent, and the ability to meet grooming standards. Essential attributes include proportionate height and weight, medical fitness, swimming ability, and age between 21 and 31 years.

Is prior airline or In-Flight Services experience necessary to apply for Flynas Cabin Crew positions?

While not mandatory, having airline or In-Flight Services experience, along with relevant certifications, is advantageous for candidates applying to join Flynas Cabin Crew.

What qualifications and skills are Flynas looking for in Cabin Crew applicants?

Flynas values strong presentation skills, effective communication, proficiency in MIS management, fluency in English and Arabic, customer satisfaction prioritisation, teamwork, planning abilities, concern for order and quality, and computer literacy.

What responsibilities do Flynas Cabin Crew members have during flights?

Cabin Crew members at Flynas are responsible for addressing customer complaints, maintaining high public conduct, delivering consistent customer service, handling others’ needs with care, staying updated on safety procedures, conducting pre-flight briefings, completing safety checks, ensuring cabin cleanliness, and reporting concerns to the Lead Cabin Crew.

What is the monthly salary range for Flynas Flight Attendants, and are there additional benefits?

Flynas Flight Attendants receive a competitive monthly salary ranging from SAR 4,000 to SAR 14,814. Additional benefits include travel benefits, healthcare coverage, life insurance, and 30 days paid leave per year.

Are there any age restrictions for applying to become a Flynas Cabin Crew member?

Yes, Flynas requires Cabin Crew applicants to be between 21 and 31 years of age.

How can I enhance my chances of success in the Flynas Cabin Crew recruitment process?

To boost your chances, focus on developing strong overall presentation skills, effective communication abilities, and showcasing a customer-centric mindset. Tailor your application to highlight relevant qualifications and experience.

Do you have questions? Any doubts about your Cabin Crew journey?

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Exploring Flynas: Company Facts

Flynas is a private Saudi low-cost airline, the first low-cost airline in Saudi Arabia. The company’s headquarters is located in Riyadh. It operates more than 1,500 flights per week to more than 70 domestic and international destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Founded: 2007
Headquarter: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Operating Bases: Dammam, Jeddah, Medinah, Riyadh
Fleet Size: 60

Flynas Contact Information

Address: 8018 Abi Bakr As Siddiq – Ar Rabi, Riyadh 13316 – 4040, Saudi Arabia

Phone number: 9200 01234

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E-mail: [email protected]

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