Exploring Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

Frontier Airlines male and females Flight Attendants.
Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

  • High school graduate or GED required.
  • Must be at least 20 years old.
  • 1 to 2 years of customer service experience is preferred.
  • Valid passport for travel in and out of the United States.
  • Neat, professional appearance and demeanour are essential.
  • No visible tattoos or multiple piercings are allowed in specific areas.
  • Willingness to relocate to the assigned base location.
  • Must be available to work flexible hours.
  • Prepared to travel for extended periods as part of the job.
  • Open to adapting to meet job demands, including accepting short-notice schedule changes.
  • Ready to fly international and domestic routes.
  • Where applicable by law, candidates must have received or be willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before the date of hire for U.S.-based positions.

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Responsibilities of Frontier Airlines Cabin Crew

  • Follow all required Federal Aviation Regulations and established Frontier Airlines policies.
  • Initiate and conduct emergency evacuations if needed.
  • Perform preflight safety checks on emergency equipment.
  • Ensure proper loading and storage of carry-on luggage before and during the flight.
  • Maintain cabin safety and security throughout all flight phases, including boarding and deplaning.
  • Prepare and secure doors, make departure/arrival announcements over the PA system.
  • Instruct and demonstrate onboard safety features to passengers.
  • Set up galley, check supplies, stow beverage and snack carts, and verify counts.
  • Sell snacks and beverages (including alcohol), collect and stow service items in-flight and before landing, inform passengers about onboard products.
  • Provide emergency medical assistance, including CPR and basic first aid.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and composure at all times.
  • Perform tasks requiring walking, bending, reaching above shoulder level, and accessing overhead bins.
  • Be dependable and complete work assignments per Frontier Airlines policies.
  • Maintain a professional appearance and comply with uniform and appearance guidelines in public view.
  • Participate and comply with all DOT, FAA, and Frontier Airlines regulations regarding drug and alcohol compliance for safety-sensitive transportation employees.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Frontier Airlines Application Process for Flight Attendants: Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Apply online

Express your interest by filling out an online application and submitting your resume.

Step 2 – Video interview

If your application aligns with their requirements, they will arrange a convenient video interview to get to know you better. This interview typically lasts about 15-20 minutes.

Step 3 –  In-person interview

Successful candidates will be invited to an in-person hiring event. This is your opportunity to shine, so dress professionally and showcase your best self.

Step 4 – Training program

Once selected, you’ll attend our 3 1/2 week training program at our facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Here, you’ll learn the necessary skills to excel as a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant.

Step 5 – Graduation

Upon completing the training program, you’ll officially graduate and become a valued member of Team Frontier!

Frontier Airlines female Flight Attendant.
Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Salary

Frontier Flight Attendants start with a pay of $25.50 per hour for hours flown, along with Credit Time per Bid Period. The top rate of $57.67 is achieved after 19 years of service. The hourly rate covers hours flown and Credit Time per Bid Period. Payment is based on actual or scheduled Block Time, whichever is greater, for flown segments. Flight Attendants receive their hourly rate for total Bid Period Credit hours, up to 82 hours.

Cabin Crew Benefits at Frontier Airlines

  • Flight benefits on Frontier Airlines for you and your family.
  • Buddy passes for your friends.
  • Discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages across the travel industry.
  • Discounts on cell phone plans, movie tickets, restaurants, luggage, and more from over 2,000 vendors.
  • Experience a ‘Dress for your Day’ business casual work environment.
  • Flexible work schedules that support a healthy work/life balance.
  • Frontier Airlines provides a comprehensive Total Rewards program, including a competitive base salary, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, paid holidays, 401(k) plan, and medical/dental/vision insurance starting the 1st day of the month following your hire date.
  • Be part of making a difference through the HOPE League, Frontier Airlines’ non-profit organisation, dedicated to providing financial assistance to employees during catastrophic hardship.
Frontier Crew members.
Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants in Pictures

Take a look at the awesome uniforms worn by Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants. Get a glimpse of what you could be wearing if you become part of the Frontier Airlines team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Becoming a Flight Attendant for Frontier Airlines

1. What are the basic requirements to become a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant?

To qualify, you need to be a high school graduate or have a GED, be at least 20 years old to begin the interview process, and preferably have 1 to 2 years of customer service experience. A valid passport, professional appearance, and willingness to relocate are also essential. For U.S.-based positions, COVID-19 vaccination is required.

2. How can I apply to become a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant?

Start by applying online on the Frontier Airlines website. If your application aligns with their requirements, you may be invited for a video interview. Successful candidates proceed to an in-person interview, training program, and upon completion, officially graduate as part of Team Frontier.

3. What responsibilities do Frontier Airlines Cabin Crew members have?

Cabin Crew members conduct emergency evacuations, perform safety checks, ensure proper luggage handling, maintain cabin safety, and provide excellent customer service. Duties also include selling onboard products, offering emergency medical assistance, and adhering to safety regulations.

4. What is the starting salary for Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants?

Frontier Flight Attendants start at $25.50 per hour for hours flown, with the top rate reaching $57.67 after 19 years of service. Payment is based on actual or scheduled Block Time, whichever is greater, for flown segments, and covers total Bid Period Credit hours up to 82 hours.

5. What benefits do Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants receive?

Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants enjoy flight benefits for themselves and their family, buddy passes for friends, and discounts on travel industry services. Additional perks include discounts on various products and services, a ‘Dress for your Day’ business casual environment, flexible work schedules, and participation in the Total Rewards program covering salary, incentives, holidays, 401(k), and medical/dental/vision insurance.

6. Is prior airline experience required to become a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant?

While prior airline experience is preferred, it’s not mandatory. Frontier Airlines values candidates with 1 to 2 years of customer service experience, and your ability to provide excellent service will be a key factor in the selection process.

7. How long does the Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant training program last?

The training program lasts for 3 1/2 weeks at the facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. During this time, you’ll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role as a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant.

8. How often do Flight Attendants receive schedule changes on short notice?

Flight Attendants should be prepared to adapt to schedule changes on short notice. Flexibility is crucial in the aviation industry, and Frontier Airlines values employees who can adjust to meet the demands of the job.

9. What is the HOPE League, and how does it support Frontier Airlines employees?

The HOPE League is Frontier Airlines’ non-profit organisation dedicated to providing financial assistance to employees during catastrophic hardships. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting its team members in times of need.

Exploring Frontier Airlines: Company Facts

Frontier Airlines is a major ultra-low-cost American airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It operates flights to over 100 destinations throughout the United States and 31 international destinations, and employs more than 3,000 staff. The carrier is a subsidiary and operating brand of Indigo Partners, LLC, and maintains a hub at Denver International Airport with numerous focus cities across the US.

Founded: 1994
Headquarter: Denver, Colorado, United States
Operating Bases: Atlanta, Chicago–Midway (May 2024), Chicago–O’Hare (May 2024), Cincinnati (May 2024), Cleveland (March 2024), Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, San Juan (June 2024), Tampa, Trenton
Frequent-flyer program: FRONTIER Miles
Fleet Size: 135

Frontier Airlines Contact Information

Address: 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239, USA

Phone number: (720) 374-4200

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided is accurate as of the time of writing and is based on publicly available sources. However, airline requirements, hiring processes, and other details are subject to change. We recommend visiting the official Frontier Airlines website or contacting their official channels for the most up-to-date and accurate information.