When it comes to air travel, where unexpected things are usually not welcome, a man from Florida has turned a typical flight into a major incident. On a Spirit Airlines flight from Louisville to Orlando, 47-year-old James Warren Finnister is now facing possible legal consequences for making what are said to be inappropriate requests to the cabin crew.

Mile high misadventures

The journey took an unexpected turn when, fuelled by shots consumed during the flight, Mr Finnister made what authorities deem ‘inappropriate requests.’ These included asking flight attendants to join the notorious ‘mile high club.’ The situation escalated as he reportedly grabbed two female flight attendants by the arms, leading to his relocation within the plane not once, but three times.

From jokes to FBI interrogation

Upon landing at Orlando International Airport, Mr Finnister was met by the FBI. Astonishingly, he claimed no recollection of his alleged propositions. According to him, his initiation into an uncomfortable situation began innocently with a joke about “mile high flights.” He described his first-time flying experience, emphasising his innocence in the unfolding events.

However, federal prosecution paints a different picture. Finnister’s seating changes during the flight and his interactions with flight attendants are now under scrutiny. Despite his denials, authorities assert that his actions were disruptive and alarming.

The unraveling journey

The turbulence didn’t stop at mere verbal propositions. Finnister’s alleged intentional grab of a female flight attendant, inquiries about cockpit entry, and eventually lying on the aircraft floor led to a series of disruptions. Flight attendants had to intervene, putting a halt to regular services to manage the situation.

Released on bond but restricted from alcohol consumption and subject to regular drug testing, Mr Finnister faces the legal aftermath of his airborne misadventure.