A turbulent episode unfolded on a Ryanair flight departing from Zadar, Croatia, bound for London, when a passenger attempted to open the aircraft door moments before take-off. The 27-year-old man’s sudden and unexpected action left fellow passengers terrified and bewildered.

As the aircraft prepared to ascend from Zadar Airport on 30th June, the passenger in question leapt from his seat and attempted to force open the plane door. This triggered a wave of alarm, prompting other tourists to act swiftly and courageously. These impromptu heroes managed to subdue the man, leading to his eventual removal and subsequent arrest.

Footage of the incident shows the man, reportedly a British tourist, discarding his sunglasses and aggressively gesturing at another passenger. He was then seen bypassing a female flight attendant and making his way down the aisle, vehemently demanding the door to be opened.

His relentless shouting was brought to an end only when two fellow passengers bravely intervened, tackling him to the ground. The incident led to palpable relief among the on-board passengers, with cries of “Get him out!” echoing through the cabin.

Following the incident, the man was taken into police custody on suspicion of assaulting an officer, having shown resistance during his arrest. The man’s identity has not yet been disclosed. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he may have been under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs.

Onlookers managed to capture the event on camera, documenting the swift action taken by the passengers and the subsequent police intervention. Local media outlets reported that the passenger was detained for questioning and later presented before a judge on 1st July.

Ryanair expressed regret over the distressing incident. A spokesperson stated that the individual’s disruptive behaviour led to the flight’s return to the stand, delaying take-off. The flight eventually proceeded to London Stansted without further issues.

Such disruptive incidents on flights not only put the safety of all on-board at risk but also cause significant distress and inconvenience. The prompt and courageous response of the passengers during this particular incident serves as a reminder that public vigilance is crucial in such unpredictable situations.