In a shocking incident at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, a 57-year-old woman suffered a severe leg injury that ultimately led to the amputation of her limb. The unfortunate incident occurred when her leg became trapped in a moving walkway, causing significant harm and requiring immediate medical attention. This incident has raised concerns about passenger safety at airports and sparked discussions about preventive measures.

The Tragic Accident

On a fateful morning, the Thai passenger was preparing to board a flight to Nakhon Si Thammarat province when she tripped over her suitcase and her leg got caught in the gap where the moving walkway met the pathway. Despite prompt assistance from airport staff, it became apparent that the situation was grave. The airport’s medical team made the difficult decision to amputate her left leg above the knee to prevent further complications.

Airport Response and Responsibility

During a press conference, Don Mueang Airport Director Karun Thanakuljeerapat expressed his deepest condolences for the accident and assured the public that such incidents would be avoided in the future. The airport authorities accepted full responsibility for the woman’s medical expenses and pledged to engage in negotiations for additional compensations. This gesture reflects the seriousness with which the airport administration is addressing the issue.

Investigation and Walkway Safety

The incident prompted an immediate investigation into the safety protocols and maintenance of the walkways at Don Mueang Airport. The walkway involved in the accident was manufactured by the Japanese company Hitachi and had been in use since 1996. Although walkways undergo daily inspections and monthly check-ups, this unfortunate event has raised questions about the need for more stringent safety measures.

Engaging Experts and Future Plans

To ensure passenger safety, Don Mueang Airport intends to assemble a team of engineers to thoroughly examine the walkways and identify the cause of the accident. This incident has prompted discussions about the possibility of replacing the current walkways with newer models in the future. Airport Director Karun Thanakuljeerapat revealed plans to request a budget for the installation of upgraded walkways in 2025.

Moving Forward and Passenger Safety

The safety of passengers is of paramount importance in any transportation system, and airports are no exception. While accidents can occur even in the most regulated environments, it is crucial for airport authorities to continually reassess safety protocols and invest in advanced technology to mitigate risks. This incident should serve as a reminder for all airports to prioritise the well-being of their passengers and take proactive steps to prevent similar accidents.