Do you want to join TUI Cabin Crew? Our comprehensive guide will help you understand what are the essential TUI Cabin Crew qualifications.

TUI Airways offers scheduled and charter flights from the United Kingdom and Ireland to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Its head office and Registered Office is Wigmore House in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Headquarter: Wigmore House, Luton, England

Base: Luton, UK

Operating Bases: 16 bases in the UK and Ireland

TUI Cabin Crew Qualifications

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Fluent in English and speak either French or Dutch.
  • Willingness to improve your skills in the other language.
  • Driving license and access to a car.
  • Ready to undergo training as a Cabin Crew Member at our headquarters.
  • Comfortable with a flexible work schedule.
  • Customer- and service-oriented attitude.
  • Share TUI’s values of Trusted, Unique, and Inspiring.
  • Must have received the yellow fever vaccination before starting.
  • Hold an EU passport when you start.

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  • Offer the best care and service to our customers.
  • Work with your colleagues to ensure a safe flight for all passengers.
  • Stay calm in unexpected situations.
  • Make informed decisions by consulting with other crew members.
  • Embrace an international work environment.
  • Enjoy variety with flexible hours, diverse working days, and opportunities to travel abroad.
  • Start your journey from our main base in Zaventem.
  • Depending on operational needs, be open to departing from other Belgian secondary airports.


As a TUI Cabin Crew member, your annual pay is estimated to be between £17,000 and £24,000. This includes your base salary and extra earnings. On average, the base salary is £18,000 per year. Additional pay, averaging £5,000 per year, may include bonuses, stock, commission, profit sharing, or tips.


  • Holiday benefits like discounts, exclusive offers, and insurance.
  • Support for health and wellbeing.
  • Access to a pension scheme.
  • Discounts on flights.
  • Paid training.
  • Competitive salary, hourly rate, and commission.
  • Exciting trips with stopovers in other countries, all covered.
  • The chance to explore and see the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about TUI Cabin Crew qualifications.

What are the age requirements for TUI Cabin Crew?

You need to be at least 18 years old to join TUI Cabin Crew.

What languages are required for TUI Cabin Crew members?

Fluency in English is essential, and proficiency in either French or Dutch is also required.

Do I need specific training to become a TUI Cabin Crew member?

Yes, you must be willing to undergo training as a Cabin Crew Member at TUI’s headquarters.

What are the main responsibilities of TUI Cabin Crew members?

Responsibilities include providing excellent customer care, ensuring a safe flight, staying calm in unexpected situations, making informed decisions, and embracing an international work environment.

What is the expected salary range for TUI Cabin Crew?

The annual pay is estimated between £17,000 and £24,000, including base salary and additional earnings.

What benefits are offered to TUI Cabin Crew members?

Benefits include holiday discounts, health and wellbeing support, pension scheme access, flight discounts, paid training, competitive salary, and opportunities for exciting trips with stopovers in other countries.

7. Is a yellow fever vaccination required to join TUI as Cabin Crew?

Yes, a yellow fever vaccination is a prerequisite before starting.

8. Can I apply without an EU passport?

You must hold an EU passport when you start as a TUI Cabin Crew member.

9. What values does TUI expect from Cabin Crew members?

TUI values individuals who share the principles of being Trusted, Unique, and Inspiring.

10. Where do TUI Cabin Crew members usually start their journey?

Cabin Crew members usually start their journey from the main base in Zaventem, with potential departures from other Belgian secondary airports based on operational needs.

11. What is the working schedule like for TUI Cabin Crew?

TUI Cabin Crew members should be comfortable with a flexible work schedule, offering diverse working days and opportunities to travel abroad.

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Company Facts

Founder: Four medium-sized tour operators: Touropa, Scharnow-Reisen, Hummel-Reise and Dr. Tigges Fahrten

CEO: Sebastian Ebel
Founded: 1961
Fleet Size: 69

Company slogan:Excellence in Leisure Experiences

Operating Bases: Aberdeen, Belfast–International (Seasonal), Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, East Midlands, Exeter, Glasgow, London–Gatwick, London–Luton, London–Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich.

TUI Contact Information

Address: Wigmore House, Wigmore Lane, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9TN, UK

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