Exploring WestJet Cabin Crew Requirements

WestJet female Pilots and Flight Attendats.

WestJet is a major Canadian airline headquartered in Calgary, near Calgary International Airport. It was founded in 1994 and began operations in 1996. WestJet provides scheduled and charter air service to more than 100 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

WestJet Flight Attendant Requirements

  • You should be able to communicate well in both written and spoken English.
  • Having experience in customer service is beneficial.
  • You must be able to solve problems and make quick decisions, especially for safety concerns.
  • Being comfortable working in confined spaces is essential for the role.
  • You need to be flexible and ready to work on a varied schedule.
  • You must be 19 years of age or older.
  • Hold a current valid passport, or if not a Canadian passport, a Canadian Permanent Resident card with necessary visas.
  • Able to reach 204 cm without shoes and raise on the balls of the feet.
  • Obtain and maintain an Airport Restricted Area Identification Card with specific requirements.
  • Able to travel internationally without restrictions.
  • Capable of lifting 50 pounds from floor to waist and 22 pounds overhead.
  • Successfully complete an initial training program without any absences.
  • Ready to work 24/7, 365 days a year, including being available for reserve shifts.
  • When on reserve, you must be contactable and report to work within a specified time.
  • Pass a WestJet Post Offer Employment Test.
  • Comply with health, safety, and well-being measures, including a pre-employment alcohol and drug screening test.

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  • Adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures to ensure compliance with WestJet and Regulatory Standards.
  • Properly operate safety and emergency equipment, including oxygen systems, doors, life rafts, evacuation slides, fire extinguishers, galley equipment, communication gear, and lighting systems.
  • Follow procedures to ensure Safety Perform On Time (SPOT) during all operations.
  • Uphold exceptional service standards for travellers.
  • Complete service and sales tasks in line with WestJet’s service standards.
  • Anticipate and meet the needs of travellers efficiently.
  • Effectively manage uncomfortable or challenging situations with the public.
  • Carry yourself with the utmost professionalism and poise while on duty or in the public eye.
  • Adhere to uniform and appearance standards as specified under company policy.
WestJet female Cabin Crew members.


A WestJet Flight Attendant’s total annual pay, including base salary and extra earnings, falls within the range of $35,000 to $63,000. The typical base salary for a Flight Attendant at WestJet is around $53,000 per year. On top of that, there’s an average of $900 per year in additional pay, which may come from cash bonuses, stock, commission, profit sharing, or tips.


  • WestJet savings plan
  • Owner’s performance award
  • Profit share
  • Flexible health and wellness benefit plan
  • Standby travel is available for $0 base fare plus applicable taxes
  • Standby buddy passes and 8 one-way 50% off confirmed flights per year

WestJet Flight Attendants in Pictures

Take a look at the awesome uniforms worn by WestJet Flight Attendants. Get a glimpse of what you could be wearing if you become part of the WestJet team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone apply for the WestJet Flight Attendant position?

To be eligible, you need to be a Canadian citizen or hold a valid Canadian permanent residence card. Having a valid Canadian or international passport is also necessary.

2. What languages are preferred for WestJet Flight Attendant candidates?

While fluency in English is essential, proficiency in a second language is a valuable asset. Preferred languages include French, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Punjabi, or Tagalog.

3. What are the responsibilities of WestJet Flight Attendants?

WestJet Flight Attendants members are responsible for adhering to all Standard Operating Procedures, operating safety and emergency equipment, ensuring Safety Perform On Time (SPOT), upholding exceptional service standards, managing challenging situations, and maintaining professionalism.

4. How can I apply for a Flight Attendant position at WestJet?

Visit the WestJet website, check your eligibility, then update your resume and submit an application. If selected, you may go through an online interview, group briefing event, 1:1 interview, and finally, await a response.

5. What is the salary range for WestJet Flight Attendants?

The total annual pay, including base salary and extra earnings, ranges from $35,000 to $63,000. The typical base salary is around $53,000 per year.

6. What benefits do WestJet Flight Attendants receive?

WestJet Flight Attendants enjoy benefits such as a savings plan, owner’s performance award, profit share, flexible health and wellness benefit plan, and standby travel options, including standby buddy passes and discounted confirmed flights.

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Exploring WestJet: Company Facts

Founded: 1994
Headquarter: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Operating Bases: Calgary
Frequent-flyer program: WestJet Rewards
Subsidiaries: Sunwing Airlines, WestJet Cargo, WestJet Encore, WestJet Link
Fleet Size: 185

WestJet Contact Information

Address: WestJet Campus, 22 Aerial Place N.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2E 3J1, Canada

Phone number: 403 444-2600

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided is accurate as of the time of writing and is based on publicly available sources. However, airline requirements, hiring processes, and other details are subject to change. We recommend visiting the official WestJet website or contacting their official channels for the most up-to-date and accurate information.