Ever wondered how to join Flydubai Cabin Crew? Our step-by-step guide will help you understand what to expect during the Flydubai Cabin Crew recruitment process.

The airline operates a total of 124 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai.

Ready to apply? This guide will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Before You Begin

Prepare the necessary documents outlined below before initiating your application process with Flydubai. Additionally, have your CV and any relevant certifications on hand.

Ensure your CV aligns with Flydubai preferred qualifications, highlighting the skills they value most. This tailored approach increases your chances of a successful application.

Make sure you have these essential documents ready:

  • Updated CV / Resume
  • Copy of you passport
  • Full-Length formal photograph
  • Passport sized photograph

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How to Apply for Flydubai Cabin Crew Recruitment Process: Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Online application

Start by creating your candidate profile on the Flydubai career site. Fill in all the necessary information, upload your resume and relevant documents, and answer role-related questions.

Flydubai Careers Page
Flydubai Careers Page

Step 2 – Online assessment test

Upon meeting the minimum requirements, you’ll receive a link for online ability tests. These tests cover work behaviour, logical thinking, multitasking, and verbal reasoning. Practice questions are available before the actual assessment.

Step 3 – Video interview

If you pass the assessment tests, you’ll be invited to an on-demand video interview. Record your responses to a set of predetermined questions to help Flydubai understand you better.

Step 4 – Application review

Flydubai will review your assessment test results and overall application. If you meet the minimum role requirements, you’ll receive an invitation for the assessment days.

Step 5 – Assessment Day

This day provides an opportunity for mutual understanding. It begins with a check for minimum requirements such as height, tattoos, and overall dress code. The day includes a short presentation, individual tests, group activities, and role-play exercises. If you progress successfully, the day concludes with a competency-based interview.

After the interview process, Flydubai will notify candidates of their application status via email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Flydubai Cabin Crew application process.

What are the basic steps to apply for Flydubai Cabin Crew?

The process involves creating a candidate profile on the Flydubai careers site, submitting your resume and documents, and answering role-related questions in the online application.

What documents do I need to prepare before applying?

Ensure you have an updated CV, a copy of your passport, a full-length formal photograph, and a passport-sized photograph ready for submission.

Are there specific qualifications Flydubai looks for in a candidate?

Tailor your CV to highlight skills valued by Flydubai, aligning with their preferred qualifications.

What happens after the online application?

If you meet the requirements, you’ll progress to online ability tests covering work behaviour, logical thinking, multitasking, and verbal reasoning.

How does the video interview process work?

Successful candidates in the assessment tests will be invited for an on-demand video interview, where you’ll record responses to predetermined questions.

What is the purpose of the Application Review stage?

Flydubai reviews assessment test results and your overall application. Meeting the minimum requirements leads to an invitation for the assessment days.

What can I expect on the Assessment Day?

The day includes checks for minimum requirements, a presentation, individual tests, group activities, and role-play exercises. It concludes with a competency-based interview if you progress successfully.

How will I be notified of my application status?

After the interview process, Flydubai will send an email notifying candidates of their application status.

Starting your journey to becoming a Cabin Crew member is an exciting adventure, and Flydubai could be your gateway to the skies. Remember, the path to soaring through the clouds begins with careful preparation. Follow the steps explained in our guide, believe in yourself, be positive and just imagine the sky as the view from your new office!